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What is the secret to finding working out to be fun? It's like pulling teeth to get myself to work out.?

I own an elliptical machine that I never use, plus i try to do crunches and i have like aerobic video thing I can use as well. I start working out for about a week then I quit. and even to work out that first week its torture. It%26#039;s like I look at my elliptical and groan just thinking about working out. I really have no idea how people find working out to be enjoyable.

What is the secret to finding working out to be fun? It%26#039;s like pulling teeth to get myself to work out.?
I usually like to have a friend to workout with. It helps me and gives me moral support. That way when one wants to give up the other pushes them.
Reply:picture yourself in a sleek new hot body!
Reply:Do it to your favorite dance music. That always helps me!
Reply:Listen to music that puts you in a sortof %26quot;Victorious and a confident%26quot; mood. I think music is very important as yuo can relax and also enjoy your workout as the music will encourage you and give you enthusiasm
Reply:If you can recruit a friend to work out with, that always helps. Sometimes it%26#039;s hard to find someone, but try. Thats what I have to do...otherwise, I just won%26#039;t do it.
Reply:motivate yourself, think how good youll look when you lose weight and listen to music while excercising
Reply:run in a park or if u have a work out bike ride it and watch TV at the same time I do it and it is fun or dance to Music the is a wirk out or jump rope if u need more help email me at I will help u!
Reply:The best way to work out it to either find someone to work out with or go to your local YMCA and join a class like ZUMBA it is a dance work out class that is really fun.. They also have cycle classes, cardio punch classes(where you get to bet your frustration out on a bag to up beat music, or water aerobics. Being with others will help motivate you and you can always laugh at how they look doing things....
Reply:Because its work. Dont worry i hate it too.
Reply:you need to force yourself to start with and then it just becomes routine. i find that music is important as well. i have to listen to music that gets me all pumped up. also im in a little competition with a mate so every rep i do i always think of being one over him. lol. also try and picture what you are working for so imagine the %26quot;new%26quot; you that you are trying yo achieve.

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Getting my 9 and 6 year old to help out w chores is like pulling teeth. What can I do to motivate them?Reward?

I have a 7 year old and a 2 year old that do chores daily. The way I got it to work was making a schdule and following it everyday. The kids are more inclined to go along with something when it is routine.

For example every morning after breakfast we have our

%26quot;morning chores%26quot; this consist of making beds and cleaning up the breakfast dishes and cleaning up any mess they made. If they don%26#039;t complete the morning chores in the time allowed they will not get to movie time that normally comes afterward they will just have to keep working until it is done.

The other thing I do to make it fun for them is turn on kids upbeat music and make it a contest of who can do it the fatest. My 7 year old loves that!!

I also have a special Kool Aid that I give them called %26quot;Cleaning Monster Fuel%26quot; when they drink it they are turned into cleaning monsters who can%26#039;t help but clean up!

In the afternoon we have our %26quot;afternoon chores%26quot; which is laundry and sweeping etc.. then we get to go swimming or have free play time.

The trick is to make it rountine, if you are a full time working Mom I know it is harder. I have been both and currently I have to stay home and be on %26quot;bed Rest%26quot; while awaiting the birth of our third baby.

Best of luck!! I hope this helps,

Getting my 9 and 6 year old to help out w chores is like pulling teeth. What can I do to motivate them?Reward?
Pay them an allowance.
Reply:I would use a reward chart like the SuperNanny does on TV
Reply:I don%26#039;t see anything wrong with a reward system that is based upon their level of responsibilities around the house. I saw on a show once (probably one of those Nanny shows...) where the kids had to earn their privileges. The more responsibility and respect the kids showed, the bigger the privileges. It was set up on a ladder that was drawn on a corkboard so they could use push pins to move up and down the ladder. If the kids were disrespectful or didn%26#039;t do their chores, their push pin got moved down the ladder causing them to lose some privileges. This also gives the kids ownership over whether or not they want the privileges. I would suggest working with your kids on this too so they will be more invested in it. Good luck!!!
Reply:Your a little late w/chores. I%26#039;m starting now while there young they think it%26#039;s fun mine want to feel/do some of the things they see me or my hus do, like cleaning doing dishes etc., now you may need to do the reward or take away some of their fav things until they begin to show they can appreciate by cleaning their rooms or different parts of the house.
Reply:Do they get an allowance for chores? If so assign an amount of the allowance to each chore they have. Let them know they will only be paid if they do the chores and do them with out you having to say anything. If they don%26#039;t do them subtract the amount for each undone chore from the amount they get.

With the six year old though you can always turn cleaning in to a game.
Reply:you should start them with chores while there still in diapers..and make it like a game with a reward system both my boys love to clean and i started them with chores at about one in a half of corse i had to redo a lot of what they did but they just loved helping out and they got better as they got older...i still remember when my oldest threw a tantrum because grandma wouldnt let him help that was sooo funny
Reply:You could possibly start by having them work WITH you, side by side. Most kids enjoy this, rather than being sent off to do chores alone. This will enable you to spend fun one-on-one time with them, as well as being a training time so they learn how to do things RIGHT. You could approach it like, %26quot;Sarah, I%26#039;ll bet NO ONE in your class knows how to do _____! C%26#039;mon, I%26#039;ll teach you how! We can do it together!%26quot;

Both kids should also be responsible for daily chores. You should make a chart, although maybe not quite yet - make sure they have the skills to complete the chores first - and there should be things that they do every single day. I started a chore chart for my kids when they were 8 %26amp; 9. Each week, one time they wash the dishes, put them away, do their laundry, clean the main bathroom, take out all the trash, bring in trashcans, have their rooms perfectly clean, clean out the car, and probably a few other things. Then a few times/wk they take care of the dog, fill water bottles and put them in the fridge, and other things I can%26#039;t remember. They have gotten quite proficient at many skills. They are 11 and 12 now, and now in addition to the regular things they do get other things assigned as the need arises [like when we are having company, teehee]. They are now completely competent at caring for the home, other than cooking. But they wouldn%26#039;t starve if I broke my leg and was laid up for a few weeks either. They know how to do more around the house than most [but not all] college students I know.

There are various schools of thought on rewarding kids for chores. Some people do, while others say that the child gets food and shelter and has to contribute to the family. I don%26#039;t know what position is correct here! Certainly you should not reward your child for every single thing - real life is not like that - but in real life at a job, you do get a lot more kudos/raises/privileges for working well. I think that what is more important is a child%26#039;s attitude toward work - are they always trying to get out of work, or to make absolutely SURE that their sib does not do one ounce less of work than they do? They need to LEARN to work, and it is a learned trait just like everything else. Kids are not born wanting to work, so this is something to work on patiently and firmly. Do not allow complaining - when mine were small and complained about work, my philosophy was that they needed to %26#039;practice working%26#039; till they could do it with a good attitude. One of them had to %26#039;practice working%26#039; probably 3x about the age of 6 or 7, and it was so funny to see him doing the extra things I had assigned with a BIG SMILE and singing cheerfully, to show me that he was working happily so he could STOP. The other one NEVER had to practice working because she learned from her brother%26#039;s example...
Reply:I would not reward them for something they need to do. Start taking things away from them. Rewarding them is telling them if they want nothing do nothing. If you take things away they learn they need to do or they get less freedom.

Never could understand rewarding kids for doing something they are supposed to do. Reward only if they do with out asking.
Reply:If you have an allowance system with no responsibilities, END IT.

Set up a commission system where they get paid for chores they do. Some chores are required just being a member of the family, but others have a set pay rate. If they don%26#039;t do chores, DO NOT give them any money. Have them be responsible for funding their own items. If they want to go to the movies, they use their own money. If they want to go out with friends, they use their own money. They save for larger items they want and learn the value of a dollar. If they want those $50 pair of jeans, you get ths picture.

This only works if you don%26#039;t just hand them cash in a weak moment.
Reply:Something that really help us was what I liked to call %26quot;powerpoints%26quot;.

The reward was at the end of the week. But the extent of it was based on points.

They need 100 points to ___________

The need 200 points to ___________

If they didn%26#039;t get they points, they didn%26#039;t get to do it.

It requires some keeping track on our part, but it%26#039;s amazing how good they get at this.

Putting away clothes that were folded on the step. . . 5 points.

Cleaning up their own plate after dinner, and wiping up their area.. . 5 points.

Making their bed in the morning and taking their laundry into the laundry room. . . 5 points.

IT%26#039;s amazing how good they get at keeping track of their own points. But I kept a notebook.

Here%26#039;s the catch. . . If I had to tell my kids to do it, I gave them 5 points. If they did something without me asking them to

I gave them %26quot;Think-for-your-self%26quot; points, which encouraged them not to ask me what to do.

These points were huge 20 points!!

They looked for thing to do that I didn%26#039;t ask them to do just to get the %26quot;think-for-yourself-points%26quot;.

You can probably figure something out for yourself, but points can really work with competive boys.

Especially rewarding them for figuring out something on their own that needs to be done, like %26quot;taking the trash out because it%26#039;s full%26quot;. And you don%26#039;t even have to ask.
Reply:A lot of parents have the misconception that it%26#039;s an OPTION for their kids to do chores and help around the house. In my house it%26#039;s mandatory. My 12 year old is responsible for making sure his room is clean, doing the dishes, and taking out the kitchen trash. My 6 year old is responsible for making sure her room is clean, the small trash (bathrooms and bedrooms) is taken out, and her toy room is kept neat. If you start early and teach them responsibility it%26#039;s a lesson well learned. I see so many parents saying.. %26quot;oh I can%26#039;t get little Bobby to do chores to save my life%26quot;. Well, that%26#039;s because little Bobby is being ASKED to do them.. and not told. You are the parent.. set rules and enforce them. Simple as that.
Reply:I think that if you want them to do chores give a reward each time untill they get used to doing chores.

Good luck!!
Reply:No, no rewards, and don%26#039;t have allowance tied to chores.

Everyone in the family must work together to keep the family going and the house in shape. The children just need to help out as a matter of course. They MUST do certain chores, aside from keeping their own rooms clean.

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What and where can I get a dental plan that covers pulling teeth and dentures?

Is it better to just pay out of pocket?

What and where can I get a dental plan that covers pulling teeth and dentures?
You can get a discount plan for $11.95 a month that will help you save money off of these services.

Go to

Make sure to click on Locate a Provider to make sure that there are dentists in your area and then just click on JOIN NOW and you can start saving money immediately!
Reply:go on and see if this is any help.
Reply:Delta Dental And Delta PMI cover tooth extractions.
Reply:Hope this helps anwer you question. Pulling teeth and dentures is not easy but finding a dental plan to cover a portion of is. You can start with the links below to compare the plans available the benefits and prices, ect. Deciding if you want to pay dental insurance premiums and co pays, file claims etc. with dental insurance or avoid the paper work hassle and high premiums and consider dental discount plans which are designed to save money without the paperwok hassle. If you do have to pay then pay less to the dentist. I have also included links on tips to cut dental costs. Check out the links below and good luck!

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Is everyone sleeping or not wanting to talk? This is like pulling teeth today...!?

This is a question/answer site, not a chat site! Try going to Yahoo Chat! That%26#039;s rocking 24/7

Good luck ... and quit pulling your teeth!

Is everyone sleeping or not wanting to talk? This is like pulling teeth today...!?
What%26#039;s on your mind?
Reply:ok say what you want to!
Reply:I%26#039;m not sleeping.♥
Reply:Relax dood theres about over 900 000 people thinking of how to answer you!
Reply:ggggeeeeeeetttttttiiiiiing teeth pulled hhhhhuuuuuuurrrrrttttttttssssss

yes it ddddddddddooooes
Reply:I%26#039;m not sleeping, I think...but if you want to pull my teeth please make sure that I am.
Reply:what kinda comparison is this ?

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I heard that the stuff they numb you with when pulling teeth can close off your airway is this true?

Novocaine is just a tranquilizer, it puts your brain in an unconscious state. It doesn%26#039;t affect your esophagus, so no, it can%26#039;t close off your air way. :)

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What is your attitude about studying? Is studying like pulling teeth for you?

How can you apply some of the above tips and make studying less onerous or frustrating?

What is your attitude about studying? Is studying like pulling teeth for you?
Studying should be fun.

When you are under pressure, what you are learning would be useless. Think of the benefits if you know all those things.Think of what advantages will they bring you. Think about how bright your future might be. Think about all those good things. Then, study in different ways, Textbooks, Exercises, Applets, Animation, Internet, Real-Life Experience, Discussion, et cetera. Studying can be everywhere, even we Yahoo! Answers people are studying right now, studying from each other.

After all, studying should be fun and not %26quot;killing%26quot;.
Reply:I take mental notes in class. I don%26#039;t think I%26#039;ve ever *studied* for a test that wasn%26#039;t a memorization test.
Reply:It%26#039;s agonizing for me, unless it%26#039;s a topic that I like.
Reply:No i was one of those lucky jammy people who studied non turned up to class even less and aced all my exams.
Reply:Where%26#039;s your competitive spirit? A test is just a competition between you and the rest of your classmates. Are they better than you? Smarter than you? Are you going to let them beat you? Then gloat how smart they are? Studying is your pre-game training. Train hard. Then crush the smarmy little brats.
Reply:To me, it depends on what I%26#039;m studying. Things that are the most interesting are the easiest to study. But if I despise a class, I really have to get away from ALL distractions and be in a place that%26#039;s right now I need to be writing a paper, but this is MUCH more interesting, unfortunately.
Reply:studying is great- if i am in a mood conducive to it. it all depends whats going on that day etc etc. no its not like pulling teeth but it certainly is more successful when i%26#039;m in the right frame of my mind
Reply:it%26#039;s something that you have to if you want to pass, it%26#039;s just a given

the hardest thing for me is finding time to study....other than that, it%26#039;s not that bad
Reply:It depends on what i study! When i was studying for school, most of the lessons were loss of time for me! In the university studying became more interesting! Now that i am working and i have to study for my work, i love it, such as i love my work! In my spare time, i am reading books that i like, so it%26#039;s not like pulling my teeth! So try to read only things you like!
Reply:well it%26#039;s not too hard just learn what you like, what you want to find out about things. Or when you really have to do something combine it with something you like to do for example every time i have to do maths i listen to music. so everyone should find out for himself what he likes to do most and combine it with studying. Or one can study with friends its a lot more fun
Reply:It%26#039;s all about developing habits....

Let%26#039;s see here..... When you first begin to do it, it%26#039;s going to seem very time consuming, and feel like agony....but after you put in that little bit of effort on a daily basis, soon it becomes routine- and is no more difficult than brushing your teeth at night.
Reply:well the answer to this question is that u hav to study to get somethin in life. i m not lecturin u cause i hate studies myself . but we are not all like brad pitt or pierce brosnan are we tht we jus need a bit of actin skills, good looks , an u bathe in fame. but for ordinary people like us(i dont know abt u , but i am) we need to study a bit. ill tell u wat when u study and achieve the feelin inside is good. its feels wonderful. i used to to get 60- 65 % in my old exams . but when i received 83 % in my 10 th xams i was the star of the next few days . i got a lot of goodies from my relatives includin load of cash. i wont say study all the time, but atleast a few hours a day if u can spare. make some scholarly frnds. it will help.

wel for gettin good marks it is essential tht u understand the concept.

read the answer thrice understandin it all the same an things will be much easier
Reply:come on ..

what would a teen do if he/she didnt study?sit at home and play video games,comb that barbie dolls hair,or chill out all day with ur friends????no , studying is fun and important and helps you face the world with a bettr look

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What would you consider worse than "pulling teeth"?

I can%26#039;t think of anything

What would you consider worse than %26quot;pulling teeth%26quot;?
Getting the shot to get the teeth pulled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reply:My dads stupid parrot
Reply:pulling fingernails
Reply:being in labor
Reply:blind dates
Reply:passing a kidney stone
Reply:Getting your teeth pulled rectally.
Reply:Pulling out fingernails...or hair by the root...Chinese water torture...
Reply:Pulling Gum out of your hair!!
Reply:I would say crushing a limb.

Trust me it hurts mroe than getting teeth pulled...

(crushed thumb, it is back to normal ish....)
Reply:Root Canals?
Reply:getting your fingernails ripped off your fingers
Reply:do you mean the metaphorical pulling teeth?

if you mean actual, i would think pulling fingernails or poking your eyeballs. that%26#039;s rather heinous.
Reply:getting pregnant
Reply:Getting your teeth filled. Ugh, the feeling of shot%26#039;s and them drilling the cavity. (%26gt;.%26lt;)
Reply:i never thot that hurt but... thinking now.... drawing blood just kills me! one time i almost fainted. i got real dizzy. maybe thats just me.
Reply:curb stomper

just in case someone doesnt know what that is:

someone makes you %26quot;bite the curb%26quot; then stomps the back of your head.
Reply:Pulling toenails and fingernails off with pliers. : )
Reply:passing a kidney stone
Reply:answering this stupid question...
Reply:going back to prison ... I made it the first time coming out as still a man ... but dont know if I could pull it off again ... so i wont try ......
Reply:Being skinned alive.
Reply:pulling limbs
Reply:Having a 9 pound baby with no anesthesia because the nurses went into a shift change, so by the time they came back it was too late for any meds, WOW that tops pulling teeth anyday..
Reply:Pulling fingernails. Being scalped.
Reply:there are plenty of worse things. of course I still have all of my teeth except for 2 wisdom teeth. how about getting hit in the face with a hammer, or getting your finger slammed in a car door.
Reply:thanks alot. im just about to go and get my wisdom teeth out!!!
Reply:Sun burn .....LABOR
Reply:For me getting neutered.